I love it.

Well worth the money because I would always have to add to get free shipping for the $25 minimum. Don’t have to do that anymore..lol
With all this talk about Amazon, I do want to say that this year we bought the Amazon Prime for 79.00 It has been worth it! Free shipping on products we order ( most of the time), the amazon lending library for Kindle or the free version there of, and movie rentals ( we don’t have cable), a good bulk of the movies are freebies and you get a couple of free rentals a month too.

That’s terrific!

I would suggest using something like Custom Contact or Mail Chimp to build a mailing list of your customers. Let people opt-in and email them once or twice a year, not too often, maybe send them a coupon next Christmas.

Also on your facebook page you absolutely want a background image (facebook calls it a “cover”) showing a a sample of your best work.