I am so sorry Anna.

I think there are just so many people “fighting” for the same jobs. And the problem is for people who have been in the field for years, is that companies are going for younger less experienced workers so they do not have to pay as much. My husband is in networking and there is just nothing in this area. For the past 6 months he has been doing contract work for a local school system. We are still praying they will hire him full time just because of our need for benefits. He actually would make more money doing contract work, but once you figure out that they are not taking taxes out, so we will have to pay all of that, plus he is a diabetic and his insulin is over 800.00 a month, we would come out better if he were full time getting paid less. It really is just a messed up world we are living in now.

They sent him home.

He is doing good.They said he managed to sprain his neck while he was at it. He is in a lot of pain b/c it’s aggravating the neck issues he already had. Otherwise he is doing good. Lea they took us to Wilkes b/c it was nearest our house. At first EMS was worried it might be a brain annurism. It wasn’t and I am extremely thankful.We maybe off track.
We had to take hubby via ambulance to a local non VA hospital. He is doing good today. Not sure how much of that the VA will pay. It all depends in how it gets filed. We owe the rest. They may pay it all. Time will see. Other than that we are plugging along staying on budget. Even if we pay the bill in cash we should pay the house off first week of Feb.