I’ve been lurking for the better part of year

and I’ve taken such strength and encouragement from all your stories/situations. This morning, after busting our butts for the last 11 months, my husband and I made the final payment to pay off our Bank of America credit card. With that payment, we are officially out of BS 2 and onto BS 3.

I’m excited to be moving on, but I’m also a bit nervous. I don’t want to lose the momentum we’ve built up this year, and I’m also feeling strangely vulnerable. Yes, we’re out of debt, but we only have our baby emergency fund to rely on if Murphy decides to come a-calling. The credit cards are gone, and we’re never going to have them again. So my question is this- for those who have done BS 3, what’s the trick to keeping the momentum rolling? Do you look at building up your savings as a debt that you pay off every month? I.E- I want to have x amount in savings by x date, so this is how much I stash each month? Just looking for a little guidance if anyone has any to offer. I want to have a plan so that if Stuart does show up, I can spit right in his eye and tell him to keep moving.