I have not posted much lately due to work

my dad having surgery, the Christmas holidays, etc. However, I believe I managed to post that I had started making custom coasters. My little start up is called Custom Coasters by Cindy.

I have been totally overwhelmed at the response. I can hardly remember al the ordres I have fulfilled. That reminds me I need to start keeping track of sales and create a customer file so I can follow up with them. At first I could hardly keep enough tiles on hand to make the coasters. I am now dealing with one flooring place to get my travertene tiles. They gave me a price break of about 10% on the tiles. I am using coupons and 50% off sales to get my ribbon and twine. I have looked online at ordering all this but the doggone shipping is so high for the amount I am ordering. It is cheaper to use sales and by locally. I am also going to make a copy of my tax info from our store so I can quit paying tax on this stuff and that will save me another 8.5% per purchase. This will be legit because we are selling some coasters thorugh our store. I also have some for sale in a local cafe/tanning salon.

Anyway, I have had quite a few to fill for Christmas and some for “late Christmas”, where they are traveling after Christmas and around New Years to see family or friends.

For advertising I am using my FB page, putting flyers in bags when customers make purchases at our store, and word of mouth.

Here are my most recent “to do’s”:

* I need to get my “studio” a little more organized so I can be a little more efficient when working, mostly decluttering stuff from my work table that I am not using specifically for making coasters.

* Dd has been working for me cleaning tiles before I use them. I am also probably going to get her to cut ribbon and twine for me, the two things I use to tie up the sets.

* I am going to get a stamp made that has my company name and phone number on it to stamp the underside of the coasters.

* Going to talk to dh about whether to adjust my pricing up after the first of the year. I am currently charging $12/set of 4 or any 2 sets for $20. Shipping/insurance is extra and actual cost. Current price is good till at least Jan. 1.

My FB page is www.facebook.com/customcoastersbycindy if you’d like to look around. I have posted pics of my work. All designs can be done in other colors. I have designs I will be posting as I make samples so keep checking back.

If you have any advice or suggestions, I’d appreciate it, especially on using FB. I am still learning on it. There are probably things I could do but have yet to learn it.